Record number of ‘made in France’ artists scheduled at the Reeperbahn Festival 2016!

| Hamburg, Germany | 21-24 September 2016 |

21 made in France artists are scheduled at the annual end-of-summer European fest, performing on multiple stages of the mythical ‘Reeperbahn’ district in Hamburg. A record! : Acid Arab, Adrien Soleiman, ALA.NI, Alejandra Ribera, Awa Ly, Camp Claude, Colt Silvers, Gerald Kurdian, Her, Hyphen Hyphen, Imarhan, Inna Modja, Jain, Jeanne Added, Jumo, Klyne, LlorcaLido, Lola Marsh, Louane, Soom T, Superpoze, Parcels.


This solid French presence at Reeperbahn is the product of a tight collaboration between bureauexport team in Berlin and the festival organisers, a partnership formed for the very first edition of the festival and supported by Institut Français. bureauexport maintains a special relationship with the Reeperbahn Festival, thanks to the numerous invitations extended to German promoters to attend professional events in France, the regular interaction with French professional partners of bureauexport, as well as the frequent advice and recommendations for scheduling made in France artists each year.

A trendsetting festival and renowned professional platform, Reeperbahn has become a major event in Europe especially for artists looking to develop concerts in Germany and throughout Europe. Playing at Reeperbahn allows them to lay the groundwork for a career in the Germanophone and wider-European markets (PR contacts, labels/distributors, subpublishers, and German booking agents and promoters).

As a reminder, in 2015 the Reeperbahn Festival had record attendance: 32,000 visitors of which 3,700 professionals and journalists from over 40 countries. 600 events took place in over 70 venues located around the main street of ‘Reeperbahn’.

From the 21st to the 24th of September, the Reeperbahn Festival 2016 will present more than 700 events, including over 400 concerts as well as related events with art, cinema, and literature. The 2016 conference of the Reeperbahn Festival will include sessions, showcases, professional meetings, and awards ceremonies. Thursday, September 22, the networking cocktail hour ‘Meet the French’ will be held in the Festival Lounge (Arcotel Onyx), bringing together French and international professionals.

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