Music ‘made in France’ rocked the world in 2016!

For made in France artists, 2016 was a year full of impressive international news and wowing worldwide performances.

Coming from all genres of music, these artists spent the past year reaching new audiences, topping the charts, making global headlines, and drawing sizeable crowds far beyond the borders of France!
The talent and vibrancy of these hundreds of artists deserve recognition, as do the enthusiastic professionals assisting them every day in the international development of their projects.

Kungs, Christine and The Queens, Imany, Jain, Alexandre Tharaud, Vincent Peirani, Imarhan, Petit Biscuit, Caravan Palace and many more set an upbeat tempo for export in 2016: album and single sales records, sold-out concerts, top-streamed songs, international synchs, prestigious awards, clever promotional campaigns, significant sponsorship deals, and wide-spread media coverage.

French certifications in 2016:

For the first time, audio streaming has been included in annual export certifications, resulting in off-the-chart performances for made in France artists!
In total, 38 export certifications were awarded in 2016, up from 24 in 2015.

Find out which acts marked 2016 through a selection of artists and projects, as well as all the certifications detailed here.