| New York City, USA | 4/8 October, 2017 |

Thanks to Le Bureau Export New York, France was well represented during Mondo.NYC 2017 « Create. Disrupt. Innovate », an international conference which took place on October 4-8, 2017. This second edition gathered 700 international music professionals220 panelists and 160 bands.

On Thursday night, two showcases made in France were organized.
At Delancey, GRIT attracted many professionals, medias, press, radio and Internet.
At Drom, Manu Lanvin played for a crowded audience.

Mondo NYC - Grit & Manu Lanvin

On the networking side, Le Bureau Export – in collaboration with A2IM, France Rocks and The Bloom Effect – welcomed 200 international music professionals for a cocktail organized on the rooftop of the Delancey. The cocktail gathered many of our long-term partners:

  • labels: Universal, Atlantic Records, Mexican Summer, The Verve Label Group, Revolver, Mute, The End Records… ;
  • venues, booking agents and festivals: Apollo Theater, Numinous, Global Fest… ;
  • publishers : Kemado, Idol, Tune Core, Songs… ;
  • medias: Paper magazine, Afropop, Syndicate, AFP, Planetary Group … – and launched new promising collaborations with the New York City Hall (Department of Media and Entertainment)
  • and many Internet companies (Pledge Music, Live Nation, Pandora, Feature.fm).

Mondo.NYC is a festival and global business summit of music and tech industry insiders and innovators, emerging artists and their fans. Mondo connects fans and creators in a shared mission of empowering artists and advancing ideas in an ever-changing music business.