200 French-American speedmeetings during Indie Week in New York!

| New York, United States | 13-16 June 2016 |

For the third straight year, bureauexport in New York is organising French-American professional meetings as part of 2016’s Indie Week, an annual conference coordinated by the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) bringing together A2IM members and the principal independent actors of the US music industry. These professional meetings are supported by SACEM.

Six French companies, invited to New York by bureauexport, had the opportunity to participate in the festivities for Indie Week (presentations, panels, parties, and more) as well as hand-picked meetings, organised by bureauexport New York. Jarring Effects, WTPL Music, Black Strobe Records, Anteprima, Control Production, Roy Publishing were thus able to expand their network of contacts in the United States and concretely increase their chances of developing their respective catalogues in the country.

rencontres pros A2IM_carré wp

More than 900 American professionals were present throughout the week, most active in the independent music industry but many coming from other sectors (new technologies, media, publicity, etc.). Among the companies represented were Apple, Billboard, Kickstarter, Nielsen, Ninja Tune, and Pandora.

In total, more than 200 speedmeetings were organised for French participants. 900 music industry professionals attended the opening reception A2IM at Slate on June 13th and over 400 people participated in the networking mixer and opening party for the France Rocks Summerfest the following evening.

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