6 ‘Made in France’ Artists on MIMO Festival Brasil’s line-up!

| Brasil | 29 September 2017 / 19 November 2017 |

Since 2009, Le Bureau Export de São Paulo has developed a strong partnership with MIMO Festival. Each year, it coordinates and supports the participation of different  made in France artists.
On this 14th edition,  ALA.NIAnne PacéoOumou Sangaré3MALaura Perrudin and Konono N°1 have been supported by Le Bureau Export de São Paulo.

Made in France artists’ line-up  :

29/09/2017 : ALA.NI and Anne Pacéo at Tiradentes (RJ)
30/09/2017 : ALA.NI and Anne Pacéo at Ouro Preto (MG)
07/10/2017 : ALA.NI and Oumou Sangaré at Paraty (RJ)
10/11/2017 : 3MA at Rio de Janeiro(RJ)
18/11/2017 : 3MA at Olinda (PE)
12/11/2017 : Laura Perrudin at Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
17/11/2017 : Laura Perrudin at Olinda (PE)
10/11/2017 : Konono n°1 at Rio
19/11/2017 : Konono n°1 at Olinda

MIMO is a wandering festival – created in 2004. Its singular concept casts the light on different fields such as music, cinema, heritage and education. It takes place in different historical Brasilian cities: Olinda, Ouro Preto, Tiradentes and Rio de Janeiro.

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